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Accommodation in Zlin

Pár pokojů microhotel

Výhled z microhotelu Pár pokojů (Zlín) - Lokalita

Hotel in Zlin

Taking it easy? Absolutely not! We are doing as much as we can to be ready
to welcome the first guests in Pár pokojů hotel in Zlin in august of year 2023.

IMG 4693 scaled | Pár pokojů microhotel Zlín

convenient location

in the city centre of Zlin

Průvodce zlínskou architekturou- ubytování v centru Zlína - microhotel Pár pokojů (Zlín)

workation & bleisure

travel, work and explore

ubytování v centru Zlína - microhotel Pár pokojů (Zlín)

relaxed atmosphere

modern and cosy

The story of hotel in Zlin

The story of Pár pokojů is just being written, or let’s say being built. But when it’s done, we’ll offer you a few microworlds (5 to be precise) in the center of Zlín. We are working as hard as we can to welcome the first guests in the summer 2023.

The Microhotel will be contemporary, smart, cozy, minimalist and environmentally friendly (within reason). Throughout construction, we have chosen natural materials and modern technologies. The rooms will be furnished comfortably and elegantly according to the standards of **** hotels, but with a personal touch. With 5 rooms, don’t expect an army of
staff, but our cleanliness and attention to detail has to be seen to be believed.

Our main advantage is our convenient location, the street behind the City Theatre is central, but still quiet. The street Potoky (which literally means along the creek) is especially suitable for lovers of sleeping with an open window, because the only thing that will disturb you is the trickling water of the Kudlov creek. Another benefit is free city parking in front of the building, as well as private parking in the yard.

We have a clear vision. We have been refining it for a long time on our own journeys. Not just in the hotel industry, where for many years we ran around, made beds, welcomed guests of other hotels and understood the meaning of the word hospitality. But most of all, we have been successfully doing business in other industries, which has allowed us to embark on this project. Wondering who we are? Behind the introductory sketch you will find us waiting in the wings.
Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to ask!