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Masters of rock 2024

close to Vizovice

hotel Zlín & Transfer Vizovice

Masters of rock 2024 is coming, so we have prepared a special offer; the accommodation package for fans of the rock festival. Enjoy the 4-day concert to the max!

Walk to the train station to Vizovice, and we will arrange night transport back to your comfortable bed. Park the car in the hotel yard and leave your belongings in the hotel room.

We serve brunch until 13.00 instead of breakfast. Moreover we arrange for you garden grilling of cured steaks.

Masters of rock 2024, zdroj: https://www.mastersofrock.cz

Rock festival
MOR 2024
10th to 14th july

Stay in a 4* hotel in the center of Zlín, park your car in a private parking lot. It takes twenty minutes by train to Vizovice.

We will arrange the night journey back for you on call (within 40 minutes).

vlakem na masters
Zlín snídaně
hotel zlin Potoky 5431 | Pár pokojů microhotel Zlín
Ubytování Zlín -Potoky 5431
Ubytování Zlín


The price of the package includes accommodation in a hotel room, parking, breakfast until 1pm, night transfers from Vizovice and 1 time garden barbecue.

Double room

Standard room for 2 pax
  • 3 nights * 6 990 Kč, eg. 20 970 Kč room/stay
  • 4 nights * 6 790 Kč, eg. 27 160 Kč room/stay
  • 5 nights * 6 590 Kč, eg. 32 950 Kč room/stay

Triple room

Double room with extra bed and balcony
  • 3 nights * 7 490 Kč, tj. 22 470 Kč room/stay
  • 4 nights * 7 290 Kč, tj. 29 160 Kč room/stay
  • 5 nights * 7 090 Kč, tj. 35 450 Kč room/stay

Accommodation package for music festival

walk to train

train station near the hotel

Get to vizovice by train (goes every 30 minutes)

Night Transfer

We arrange a ride back to the microhotel.

Between 22.00 – 4.00.
Call us 40 minutes in advance Leave your car in the hotel parking slot


Until 1 pm.

Brunch served by Hostinář. Delicious crafted food from the farm to fork.


Cured steaks for local beef.

In the garden on time which suits to your festival schedule.

HOSTINAR Lukas Strnad | Pár pokojů microhotel Zlín
Přehrát video o Grilování na zahradě Ubytování Zlín
HOSTINAR starene maso Zlin 5 | Pár pokojů microhotel Zlín
HOSTINAR masna vyroba potravin Zlin | Pár pokojů microhotel Zlín

z festivalu
MOR 2024
ještě lepší?

Barbecue on the garden

Enjoy a farm-raised beef steak in the garden of the microhotel when unpopular band plays.

The price of the festival package includes a barbecue worth CZK 700 per person, at a time that suits you.

Masters of rock 2024

Don´t hesitate and book the room for Masters of rock 2024