We use the term Microhotel to truly describe the temporary home which our guests will experience. We are a small hotel in Zlín and we are proud of it. We can’t offer guests a yoga class, or a sauna ritual and we don’t even have a lift. On the other hand you don’t have to worry that we will accommodate you next to a service room.

Microhotel: 5 comfy rooms in Zlín

We are the exact opposite of gigantic Soviet-style hotel buildings, you won’t feel anonymous here, yet absolute privacy is guaranteed. Only a few people take care of our 5 comfy hotel rooms and their guests, which is why we are so flexible and focused on the satisfaction of visitors, regardless of whether you come for the night or for the month. The receptionist, who you can meet from early morning to sundown, is ready to do everything with a smile on her face so that you have a comfortable stay, a peaceful sleep, and after a having an enjoyable homemade breakfast and a good coffee you will be ready for whatever brings you to Zlín.

Wondering what to expect from our few microworlds? A bit of legal directives and a savvy Czech bureaucracy will not hurt at the beginning, so let’s jump in.

The Hotelstars Union harmonises the star classification of European hotels; according to their standards, we would decorate the category of 4-star hotels, which was our intention from the beginning of the realization. Despite the fact that in most European countries the amount of rooms which a facility offers is not decisive (our favourite example is Hotel Central, a one-room hotel in the centre of Copenhagen), in the Czech Republic the number of rooms is the most important characteristic that determines the name of the facility; if you do not have at least 20 rooms, you are not a hotel. This expression can’t be used, regardless of how many concierges are waiting to greet you at the entrance.

The Czech Republic took a complicated approach to the evaluation of accommodation facilities and added guesthouses, inns and many other categories of short-term shelters. For a long time, we thought that we would only have four rooms, which would place us in the category of private accommodation facilities, managed by the Association of Rural Tourism and Agrotourism. Does this make you think of your grandmothers spare room? We were so upset that we found the space for a fifth room, promoting us to the category of guest houses, which describes facilities with 5 to 20 rooms.

BnB in Zlín

And so came the name “guesthouse Pár pokojů”, but the name just didn’t fit. So we brainstormed for a long time before “microhotel” emerged, or for fans of technology just µhotel.

It is annoying, but according to the rules of the Hotelstars Union we are not entitled to obtain certification. However, this won’t prevent us from focusing on a journey rather than a destination, and doing everything exactly as if we had the 4 stars.

We look forward to all your observations on how we are doing.

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